being happy never goes out of style

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I'm Emma. I live in NC and I'm in nursing school. I love flowers, pretty handwriting, and God.

i haven’t actually watched GG since the first season when it was on tv. i seriously gotta watch it on netflix after i finish the show i’m watching now. i do remember serena being my favorite even though people seem to like Blair more. plus i think dan is cuter than chuck.

thanks for asking :)


me too! i go there all the time. home away from home <3


Talk about a place you remember from your childhood: at the top of our neighborhood my best friend had this huge tree in his front yard and it was perfect for climbing so every afternoon all the kids would climb up the tree and just sit and hang out. i miss how simple life was when i was a kid

you should prob put something in my ask bc I want tumblr friends and I’m bored. anon or nah